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Sometimes it may be difficult to grasp the sentiment of a class, especially if there are more than 20 students. This simple application is designed to help lecturers in delivering more interactive sessions. Lecturers can prepare questions in advance, or they can even prepare them during the lecture as the process only takes a few seconds.

Students can answer multiple-choice questions from their mobile phone using a short code (that can also be shared using facebook and twitter, if you prefer). The answer page is designed specifically to be accessed from a mobile device and it looks a bit strange on a standard PC...

The tool can be used to assess students' comprehension of a topic (e.g. by asking "what is the square root of 16?"), but it can also be used to obtain feedback about delivery ("The pace of the lecture is: too slow / too fast / about right), and suggestions for future sessions ("What would you like to do next week? Revision / Mock exam / Practical session), etc.

These are the details:
1) Start by entering the actual question and your email. The email is required because you will receive a unique ID to track responses to your questions.
2) In the following page, create the possible answer options. If there is a "correct" answer, just select the radio button next to it.
3) Click Finish and you will obtain a link: you need to pass this link to your students. You can also publish it on facebook, or share it with twitter.
4) Check your email (including your spam folder, just in case): you should have received an email with a link to an "administration" page for the question. On this page you can see the results and close / delete the question.

Please feel free to contact us at info@q.mdx.ac.uk if you have comments, suggestions, etc.

This project was developed by Lalith Kaushik and Franco Raimondi.
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